Nourishing, since always a deep passion for music, Tiago D'Herbe influenced by the different kinds of music heard from its young parents but also by performing music at incidental music encounters in cafés or friendly gigs playing string instruments and keys - always for a good fun - during the process the constant discovery of alternative, electronic and progressive music was inevitable.

Naturally in 2001 one of his biggest achievements happened when he built and finished his home studio, used to explore ways of music composition and mixtures initially with a simple set-up and software based - sometimes so based that he also developed some software modules called DSP's that he later used with his music.

The musical background and studies, the computer engineer vain and the development of those specific ways of music composition and mixtures gave him the necessary confidence to initiate as composer in 2004 when works for D'Herbe Foundation's debut album started - Inner|Face later released in 2006.

At this time D'Herbe Foundation have presented mixtures such as Techno, Dub, Chill-house, Experimental, Classic, Brazilian, Ethnic or Jazz never relinquishing the presence and search of quality and the excellency in his collaborations
such as Maria João, Shout!, José da Ponte as their producer and some very good friends.

In 2007 D'Herbe Foundation are invited to write the original soundtrack for the theatre play "Eu Ligo-te". This was an unique and excellent opportunity create "less digital" music.

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