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Released by:
Kaos Records Portugal
Release date:
22 January 2008


About "Eu Ligo-te" Theater Soundtrack By D'Herbe Foundation

q1.gif As soon as I've read the script I instantly saw myself in the studio composing for the "Eu Ligo-te" soundtrack. I was giving total artistic freedom which was Greeaat.
The all story of the play, well simply put, its about people, and their relations and ... of course funny in my opinion.

Tracklist & Listening

Here's a brief of some Moments:

Entrance - while people settle down
Interlude - an not so ugly discussion that had a soft beginning but a tragic ending (the start)
so quietly - suited very well for the moment in question
Strange Acceptance - :D well you know that ram ram when a boy is being persistent
Frisky - cafe flirting
Are we demons - "18 years of life" what a desperation
Eu Ligo-te - Main Theme (I've "lived" this music)
Heavy Thoughts - flowers for a flower???
Being Relaxed - Enjoying a more warmer atmosphere and sharing Intimacy
Symphony for you - this is special and the play is about people and relationships - it suited perfectly
Gossip - some clear white light after dark and shadowed moments.
Solitude - "we know each other like no one else does!"
Get on a bus - for a fancy animation video (nice work)
simply the beginning - another one stolen from Inner|Face
To be continued - yeah baby! "it's under construction..."  
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