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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Funky soulfull remix by DJ Grouse

By Tiago D'Herbe @ 3:56 AM :: 14339 Views :: 36 Comments :: English

DJ Grouse has made a very cute and dancefull remix of "Because I Want To". A track from D'Herbe Foundation latest album.

taken from DJ Grouse's website:

    "DJ Grouse, the creator of the worldwide success "Feelin' Magic", the remixer
    of the Portuguese "Loto", and the father of "Indecision" has received an
    invitation to remix a theme by "D'Herbe Foundation". This Portuguese project,
    exploits "Jazz" in a experimental and electronic way.

    The song "Because I Want To" is  going to ensure the access to the main
    Portuguese and international dance floors, due to the increased groove in a
    theme rich of soulful, creating a 'perfect soul mix'.

                                        Coming soon on Kaos rec."

Check his website for more details.

You can listen the remix on D'Herbe Foundation MySpace playlist.
Hope you like as I do.



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