bossa nova, easy listening, jazz,
dub, country

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Free Recordings
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1 January 2006


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About Inner|Face by D'Herbe Foundation

Songs are perhaps our most basic way of expression. When I was composing Inner|face I thought what a great experience it might be if some of my favourite artists could perform my own work. Globally considered, this is a hybrid piece of work, which exposes some of my inner exploits within music.

All in all, Inner|face has brought together an astonishing assortment of people, from the progressive José da Ponte to the Jazz vocal Maria João. Among them, they cover a fair range of the contemporary music practiced in our time, from experimental electronic to classical Jazz and ethnic.

For me, their commonality is that they are an uncommonly talented group of musicians with such differences in their personal styles and in practical approach to music making, that you're ever likely to find working together. This makes me particularly proud of their collaboration and deeply grateful for their contribution to this record.

by Tiago D'Herbe in Inner|Face CD booklet

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q1.gif Ambient sounds and fusion, electronic programming with organic instruments, relieve a music of open spaces and an interesting premiere to the Portuguese project Tiago D'Herbe, responsible for all the compositions. Between the allies they are Maria João, José Da Ponte, Diana Meirelles and Shout. q2.gif
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